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Market Sectors

One of SIF’s key strength is in the area continuing research and development (R&D). This has enabled us to be the preferred partner, both consultative and technologically-wise, for over 80 projects across multi-industries.

As part of our continuing Research and Development initiative, SIF teamed up with A*STAR in 2013 & 2014 to validate and stress test its DPA Technology.

Our clients range from businesses in agriculture, aquaculture and manufacturing to hospitality. Our reputation grew as we are able to help our clients continually achieve better technical outcome and solve their problems. We have applied our technology to wider fields such as recycling of effluent, evaluation and design of recycling tank systems, investigation and remediation of contaminated water, stench containment in water systems and development of customized solutions to meet environmental compliance.

Supported by a strong and growing network of partners, it enables us to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With this, we are able to better understand specific industries and propose chemical-free solutions to meet the challenges of each industry.

This network also opens us doors for us to trial and test-bed upcoming technologies for the future; albeit allowing SIF to be in the forefront of latest developments.