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Shelf life of Kai Lan Vegetables Lengthened by Employng DPA System

Vegetable Farm uses DPA System to Enhance Endive Yield and Shelf Life

DPA System Improves the Shelf Life and Quality of Cut Orchids for Singapore Floriculturists


Rearing Livelier Koi with Totally EcoFriendly Solutions

Exponential Growth Rates Achieved with
Ornamental Fish Farm

Leading Specialist in Aquaculture Hatchery Water Treatment

Zero Mortality Rates of Lobsters Achieved in Logistics Cold Hub with DPA Water Treatment

Developing the World’s First Life Support System for Reefer Containers

Reduce the Risks of High Ammonia Buildup in Recirculating Aquaculture System

One of the largest Oceanariums in Asia Improve Overall Tank Management with DPA System

Singapore Largest Crab Farm Reduces Risks of Nitrogen Compound Poisoning

Higher Yield of Fish Achieved in State-owned commercial fish farm

ECO Environmental

Using DPA System for Effective Pond Remediation

Chemical Reduction for Swimming Pools to foster a Safe Leisure Environment

Hydrocavitation Rainwater Harvesting System Installed in Singapore First ECO Precinct Awarded Green Mark Platinum rating


Increasing Oxidation Capacity of Wastewater Treatment Plant


Advanced Water Treatment Solutions for Managing Ballast Water


Aquaculture White Paper

Horticulture White Paper

Agriculture White Paper

Chemical-Free Swimming Pool White Paper

White Paper on Chemical-Free Reduction of COD in a Chemical Producing Plant