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Fish Fingerlings

SIF is currently managing the only land based hatchery in Singapore that uses Hydrocavitation technology for its recirculating aquaculture system.

As part of SIF bio-secure infrastructure, the company has made the decision to design and develop their own hatchery protocols in order to control the quality and supply of these fingerlings for our joint venture partners and licensees.

SIF works very closely with the Marine Aquaculture Centre of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), which supply its eggs to our hatchery.

The Marine Aquaculture Centre (MAC) of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), located on St John’s Island in the open southern waters of Singapore, was set up to develop and harness technology to facilitate the development and expansion of large-scale hatchery and fish farming production in Singapore and the region.

SIF’s bio-secure hatchery has been successfully operating for a number of years and has shipped numerous batches of high quality sea bass and tiger grouper fingerlings to many floating farms in Singapore and customers in Asia. .

Using our patented DPASYS technology, SIF has garnered a successful track record for maximising survival rate of larvae and shipping mortality has been reduced to a fraction of current industry standard.  SIF has fully developed a controlled and predictable environment for breeding sea bass and tiger grouper with its proprietary hatchery designs that harness on chemical free disinfection and oxygenation technology.

SIF also partners with hatcheries worldwide to offer its proprietary hatchery water treatment technology & processes and is known for its expertise in  conducting technical audit for hatcheries and aquaculture farms globally.

SIF also recognized that a healthy and good quality fingerling is the key factor for any successful fish-farming industry and has always ensured that their fingerling are disease free and healthy.