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DPA System (Hydrocavitated Water)

Technical information

By harnessing on the works of Cavitation, our turnkey solutions are totally chemical free. However, Cavitation by itself will not produce desired results. Based on a decade of practical experiences, SIF Technologies has developed a set of protocols to generate desired outcome. We offer customers complete turnkey solutions which have been tried and proven. All our technological solutions has under-gone rigorous testing and evidence based validation, with supporting  repeated experimental and empirical results. For more information on our turnkey solutions, pls refer to Our Solutions.

Traditional Cavitation is characterized by :

  • High Energy Usage
  • Problem of cavity damage
  • Usually requires a separate motor
  • Heavy Maintenance

In contrast, SIF Technologies’ Cavitation process is characterized by :

  • Does NOT REQUIRE any electricity to operate
  • Works purely on circulation water flow-rate
  • Produced zero incidence of cavity damage
  • Requires minimum maintenance

SIF’s proprietary technology subjects the liquid to the forces of high and low pressure within the enclave of our cavitation chambers. By carefully defining appropriate parameters, cavitation can be limited and controlled to generate desired effects. Liquid passing through each treatment unit is subject, firstly, to de-pressurization, and secondly pressurization. Both pressurization and depressurization can be carried out to any desired pressure levels. Most preferably, the de-pressurization occurs such that vapor pockets or bubbles are formed in the liquid. Furthermore, it is also preferable that pressurization should be sufficient to bring about the collapse or implosion of the bubbles.

Implosion of the bubbles results in strong hydraulic collisions in the liquid, resulting in kinetic energy being imparted to the liquid molecules such that the inter-molecular forces within large arrays/clusters of molecules in the liquid are overcome, thereby disrupting or breaking down large clusters into smaller clusters. The step of pressurization is carried out in the DPA system by passing aqueous liquid to be treated through a cavitation inducing conduit that comprises of constriction means provided at one of or both chambers inlet and outlet. The result of our patented technology produces Hydrocavitated Water.