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Core Values

Capacity is not fixed. It grows along the way. At SIF Technologies, we believe in developing our people’s capacity and value add to their career. Our company specialized in providing water treatment solutions and our people are engineering consultants.

We need talents who have engineering background and have relevant work experience in the engineering services environment. They are able to conduct research, feasibility and experimental studies independently. They should also be proactive individuals with an inquiring mind and with a passion for excellence. As our business operations involve projects and building relationships with our clients, you will need to have good project management skills and the ability to give informal and formal presentations of your research.

People as Key Assets

At the heart of our management philosophy is the understanding that human resources are our most valuable assets. We aim to attract talented individuals with distinct character and expertise. At SIF, we will provide the structure and framework for our people to exercise their ability to attain personal achievements and uncover their latent potential.

Investment in People

We recognize that people are key to fostering growth, diversifying our system applications and expanding our business operations. Our people are given the opportunity to conduct independent research, share exclusive information on technology and build long-term relationships with stakeholders in the industry. The wealth of knowledge and experience gained in SIF will form our company’s unique bank of intellectual capital.

Continuous Learning and Development

When you start on a career with SIF, you are accepting an offer to challenge yourself, push your limits and hone your own skills. We believe in cultivating a proactive work environment where our people can chart their own path and plan their career development. As the day unfolds, you are presented with situations which will draw the best out of you. It can be in the form of technical training, building partnerships with clients, overseas business trips, on-site visits or presentations to institutions. In order to meet the challenge, you will need a proactive personality, creative and analytical mind.

A Shared Vision

A vision binds people’s hearts and minds together in working towards a common purpose. Our founders have come together with the belief that they can put in position a proprietary chemical free water treatment technology across Asia Pacific. We breathe and live our vision and our people share this daring vision which is exuded by our passion and dynamism.

Open Communication

At SIF, we believe in building a sense of ownership amongst our staff for the company. To achieve this, we maintain open communication channels. Under a flat matrixal organizational structure, our communication is seamless and transparent. Every week, senior management meets up all the staff of the company to understand their concerns and decide on the appropriate course of action. We have a flat hierarchical structure where jobs scopes and responsibilities are shared according to functions and core competencies. This also facilitates the communication of ideas and views.