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The aquaculture industry face a daily challenge to treat their RAS water as good quality recycled water is the key for healthy fingerling and consistent fish growth. To meet this demand, our DPA technology uses Hydrocavitation to achieve a two-pronged advantage in our RAS (increase in dissolved oxygen, and bacteria eradication) approach in improving water quality.

Our services include Recirculation system for land-based fish farming, Pond Bio-remediation, Quarantine Treatment, Disease Management, Multi-tier recirculation system for land-based farming, treatment system for quarantine & diseased fish, crustacean and shell fish, water recycling for farm use, overcoming water related issues such as low dissolved oxygen, fluctuating pH and high bacteria count.


Apollo1 IMG_0995 IMG_1051 Khai Seng LeeTeng Koon NIPPON PICT0585 PICT0590  Qian Hu  S.Formosus S.Formosus2 TROP